Hard Surface

*Update* Added Week 3’s model (January 27th, this week barely started!) *Update* Added Week 2’s models (January 25th) Hard Surface models done from the PolyCount weekly Hard Surface thread that started this week.

Environment Art Sketches

Here are some sketches I did recently:      

Environment Thumbnails

It’s been quite a while since I last updated (basically right before getting my job), but I’ve been doing some stuff here and there in the meantime. For now, I’ll upload some rough sketches I did yesterday after work: Edit: Here are two more for today (25th):

FPS Props Sketches

Here are a couple sketches for an FPS game a couple ex-classmates are working on at school. I decided to help them out with a couple ideas for some objects, and I had enough time to sketch out a bunch of them. Edit: There’s a Unity file where you can see a couple of the […]

Green Scarab Beetle sketches

Yesterday I did a sketch as a rough concept for a 3D model he wanted to do but in the end decided to not make the beetle itself, so I’ve diced to work on it myself. Today I did some studies too, and decided to upload both sketches. This is the first time I draw […]

UDK Sky Test

A test I did for my sky inside UDK. The textures are still not final, but this thing seems to be going on the right path… :P All done using some tutorials from 3DBrushWork.